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Eileen Durward

03 March 2014

Yoga and the menopause

I have now been writing these blogs for nearly two years (time just flies when you are having fun!) and my main purpose is to give easy-to-understand information on the menopause and to use my experiences as a base for exploring this fascinating but also challenging time. So when my personal thoughts or recommendations get confirmed in newspapers and magazines I do feel like going ‘Yippee’!

For those of you who regularly read my blogs, you know how I do go on about Yoga and how it has helped me so much during the menopause. I was therefore thrilled to read this article and to find that there have been serious studies done to confirm this. Please follow this link – ‘Yoga saved my sanity during the menopause‘ –  for a really good, informative read – especially if you have sleep problems!

How mainstream media affects our view of the menopause

One of my main gripes about newspaper and magazine articles on the menopause is that many of them are so negative. Media stars, especially, tell of their dark days and torment, and this does impact on younger women’s perceptions of the menopause.

Just out of curiosity, I did a wee survey in-house with the younger members of staff to see how they felt about the menopause and it was a real eye-opener. Only those who are directly involved in the Helpline and Media were positive about it, mainly because they have to listen to me all the time! The rest of the young staff, if they had thought about it at all, saw it as a time to dread, and were basically hoping to ignore it. So I was a happy bunny to read this next article on how Linda Barker has coped with the menopause. It does seem to start a bit negatively but had a most positive conclusion, which just shows that self-help in the menopause can be really effective and worth the effort.

Have you read any good menopause related news stories lately? I would love to hear about them.

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