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  • Violet Monaghan 's photo avatar
    Violet Monaghan — 10.07.2021 19:29
    Hi Eileen, I have some bleeding today. I am 56 and my last period was over 15 months ago. My stomach felt premenstrual for the last few days. Is this something to be concerned about,? Should I see my GP? I am in very hood health I only get the occasional hot flush and thankfully no night sweats.


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 12.07.2021 09:52
      Hi Violet Although periods coming back are possible at this stage, it is wise to get it checked out, just to rule out other health issues such as fibroids, polyps or even a prolapse. Have you recently had a Covid Jag? One of the emerging side effects is triggering a bleed in menopause and post menopause women. If so, then it is really important that you let your doctor know. If they are unaware of this side effect you can give them this link for further information.


  • Anne's photo avatar
    Anne — 05.07.2021 22:13
    Thank you


  • Gregoryfob's photo avatar
    Gregoryfob — 19.05.2021 10:45


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