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Agnus castus tincture
50ml € 10.99 More info
Agnus castus is a traditional herbal remedy used to relieve the symptoms of PMS
Arnica Skin Cream
35g € 9.75 More info
To support the skin
Artichoke tincture
50ml € 10.99 More info
Artichoke extract made with freshly harvested cynara
Atrogel® Arnica Gel
50ml € 11.99 More info
Atrogel® Arnica gel is a herbal remedy used for pain relief in stiff muscle [...]
Atrosan® Devil's Claw tablets
30 tablets € 13.25 More info
Relieves backache, rheumatism and joint pain
Avena sativa tincture
50ml € 10.99 More info
Extract of freshly harvested Avena sativa herb
AvenaCalm Avena sativa
50ml € 10.99 More info
Fresh herbal tincture of Avena Sativa which can be used to soothe symptoms of emotional di [...]
Balance Mineral Drink
7 x 5.5g sachet € 8.50 More info
Stay in balance with a daily mineral drink
Bambu® coffee alternative
100g € 6.41 More info
Tasty, instant and caffeine-free alternative to coffee
Bio-propolis lip care ointment
2g € 8.99 More info
3% Propolis ACF®
Bioforce Cream
35g € 9.90 More info
Naturally nourishes & softens to protect dry, hard or cracked skin
Biosnacky Alfalfa sprouts
40g € 1.77 More info
Sprouts from organically produced alfalfa seeds

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