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Heavy periods and menopause

Is the menopause causing heavy periods?

Menopause Support can provide support to the body through all stages of the Menopause but is especially useful when broad range of symptoms such as hot flushes, irritability, tiredness, pains and aches, vaginal dryness etc kick in.

  • Made from fermented soya beans
  • Support for all stages of the menopause
  • Also contains magnesium and hibiscus

A herbal dietary supplement containing soy isoflavones, magnesium and hibiscus extract for all stages of the menopause.

TIP: Read why so many women recommend Menopause Support for before, during & after the menopause


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  • Phaedra 's photo avatar
    Phaedra — 28.05.2020 02:59
    This information is very helpful! Thank you very much!


  • Phaedra 's photo avatar
    Phaedra — 28.05.2020 02:59
    This information is very helpful! Thank you very much!


  • Jackie's photo avatar
    Jackie — 27.09.2017 11:14
    Not took a period for few months and now it's came back heavy and also have jelly shaped little blood clots is this normal I've had this period for a nearly a week now is this normal I'm aged 48


    • Eileen's photo avatar
      Eileen — 27.09.2017 14:09
      Hiya Jackie, Irregular or erratic periods are common on the approach to the menopause, some women report that they can go from heavy to light and stop and start. Periods can come back if you change or improve your diet or exercise regime. However, if they are heavy or you have clotting, it is best to get it checked out by the doctor. It is usually nothing to worry about and just the way the hormones are falling. An iron tonic could be helpful here.


Menopause support – Soy Isoflavones for all stages of the menopause

60 tablets

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Menopause Support can be used to help you through all stages of the menopause.
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