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  • Linda Flynn's photo avatar
    Linda Flynn — 10.09.2019 07:27
    prone to chest infections. whats the best supplement to take to build up resistance


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 10.09.2019 08:26
      Hi Linda, there is a great deal of research backing the use of Echinacea not just for avoiding respiratory tract infections, but also for avoiding secondary bacterial infections that often plague those with weak chests. It would also be useful to ensure you have a good, steady intake of vitamin C throughout the winter months, as this supports healthy lung tissue. Other nutrients that can be supportive are vitamin D (your doctor can check your blood levels to see if you are deficient), and zinc. Green, leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, eggs and dark red/ purple-skinned fruit and veg are excellent sources of the nutrients that will help you to a healthy winter.


  • Anne's photo avatar
    Anne — 21.02.2019 08:02
    My 13 year old has chronic headaches (over 4 months) and has a diagnosis from ct scan of sinusitis. How can I help him?


  • Bridgett's photo avatar
    Bridgett — 31.10.2018 02:38
    I am 55 years old I have suffered a lot of joint pains, stiff neck, and painful back pain. Thank you very much for your online advice now I know what to do to ease all the pains.


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