Stress and menopause

Is the menopause causing you to feel stressed?


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  • Jo's photo avatar
    Jo — 15.03.2021 13:33
    Hi,I had very weird story which made my world upside down periods were normal in late 2015 and early 2016 three times I tool Morning after pills after that I had some problems as I don’t use contraceptives at all my body became hot fatigued-anxiety came and by late 2016 my periods became heavy with lot of 2017 there was anxiety as I was going through lot my sister-in-law got cancer then within few months my father in law died and I became very scared of situation though I am strong person but I think a lot I researched lot about cancer and prevention then sudden bad depression with anxiety was setting in I was getting severe symptoms like fatigue and forgetful suddenly in 2018 I became very bad I was feeling scared all the time no knowing for what.. I was feeling worthless my body was looking ugly to me I felt guilt and skiped few periods and suddenly one fine morning my husbands face looked distorted and I was not understanding what was happening and thought we are under some spell and my body is alienated and everyone is planning against me and severe palpitation and anxiety took over and I ran away from home not knowing where to go and after few months my periods also suddenly stoped and I went completely crazy not able to tell anyone correctly as i was hallucinating forgot so many parts of my life couldn’t remember things...saying whatever was coming to my mind..people were confused of me I was in different world my husband didn’t want me back cause he said I abandoned him..lot of anxiety severe hot flashes which I didn’t knew about loss of memory hallucinations depression you name it and it was there for me..I didn’t had 1 periods in 2019 then none in 2020 just one little spotting but now I am back to normal and full of guilt with what I did thogh symptoms are still there and I am trying to find answers and came to your sight so I am writing to get your help and explanation is it sudden menopause just very severe symptoms for three yrs and done or it was due to stress..please let me know the answer as I am so going through so much anxiety and palpitations and guilt feeling which has made my life hell...lost my home since I have no explanation for my husband and also my family cause my mom says no one runs from home due to menopause it cant be true ...but I went through it and its real cause I love my husband more then my life..please help is it die to Morning after Pills or stress or combo of everything Kind regards


  • Isabel's photo avatar
    Isabel — 20.01.2021 05:55
    Am in menopaus already but l become more stressed and become fearful of death. Please help


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 20.01.2021 07:04
      Hi Isabel This is quite a common symptom in the menopause and many women will experience this at some point. I have posted a video on this and what you can do to help yourself so please do take a look.


  • shona haley's photo avatar
    shona haley — 24.04.2017 18:32
    Im in the throes of menopause and a bit of underactive thyroid. Im having a real issue trying to lose weight. Its a nightmare and is getting me down. Any advice before i explode?


    • Eileen's photo avatar
      Eileen — 25.04.2017 14:07
      If you have any existing problem such as thyroid issues, this can contribute to the menopause symptoms and vice versa. So do let the doctor know that you have menopausal developments breaking through. In case your thyroid medication needs reviewed. Weight issues are common due to the hormonal shift anyway. The digestive system becomes more sluggish and carb metabolism slows down, so try to drink more plain water to nourish and hydrate the body and I suggest that you eat more protein foods and less carbs, with plenty of fruit and veg. Molkosan can be helpful to kick start your day and reduce bloating if this is bothersome. You can look up GI Diet to help or someone like a Nutritional advisor or therapist can be helpful.


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