Menopause and pregnancy

What are the chances of pregnancy when entering the menopause?


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  • Gloria Monloy's photo avatar
    Gloria Monloy — 07.10.2017 17:27
    Hi Doctor Eileen, am already 53 years old menopaused. Its possible for me to get pregnant through injection? Thanks


  • Sandra's photo avatar
    Sandra — 04.10.2017 14:47
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  • Kim's photo avatar
    Kim — 10.09.2017 19:06
    I am 54 and on HRT for just over 1 year i had an endrametrial eblation 15 years ago never had a period since. When is it safe to have sex I have had all the hot flushes sweats and can't tell as don't have periods. I have been told it's 54/55


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 11.09.2017 13:23
      Hi Kim You are usually considered safe from pregnancy after 2 years without a period but if you have no periods as a guide it is much more difficult to tell. For most women they will be through the menopause by 55 and if your symptoms have tailed off it is possible that you are through it. However, it may be an idea to ask your doctor to do a hormone test and that may be a better marker to see if you could still get pregnant.


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