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24 March 2014

Why I never believed in soya remedies

It seems that every day I talk to at least one woman who is struggling with menopausal symptoms, whether this is a woman trying to avoid taking HRT or quite commonly a woman who has come off HRT, only to discover that she now has to go through the menopause.

So I have developed a strong sense of what may be helpful and what isn’t. I have, for example, always had faith in remedies like sage, thanks to the large number of positive reports I receive on it from our customers.

On the other hand, until recently, I would have said that soya isoflavones tend to give reasonably poor results. The feedback I had had from a number of women is that they were not experiencing the benefit they expected from using a soya product.

What makes A.Vogel's Menopause Support different?

What I have discovered in the last year however, is giving me a whole new perspective on soya isoflavones. Soya first came to our attention years ago with exciting headlines proclaiming that women in eastern countries who eat a lot of soya foods don’t experience menopausal symptoms. It was this promise that led many women to eat soya foods and many companies to produce soya supplements.

However, it seems that until now, what no one looked into was WHICH soya foods produced the proclaimed benefits and why many western women were not seeing any benefit from eating soya foods or taking soya supplements. The soya foods which are eaten so widely in the east include things like natto, miso and tempeh – not foods we see a lot of in the UK. These foods have one crucial difference – they have been fermented and it seems that this fermentation process is necessary to activate the isoflavones in the soya.

It was this fact that convinced me to try the A.Vogel Menosan Menopause Support product. Although this product is based on soya isoflavones, they are the fermented soya product – therefore unlike any others on the market.

The results

The first woman I suggested it to was a lady I had been seeing on and off for years. Her menopause had been a real struggle for her. Her energy and her mood dipped, her skin seemed thinner, her memory erratic and on top of that her hot flushes had been awful! Each time we got to the bottom of one part of her problem, another reared its head. Sage products appeared to be helping to control her hot sweats, but the other problems were still apparent.

To be fair, we did not hold out much hope for the A.Vogel Menopause Support, as nothing else had really made much of a difference. However, when this lady came back to see me after her first pot, it was with a little glimmer of hope that things may be improving. Her mood seemed to be lifting so she wanted to try it for another month to see if this continued. After her second jar, she was convinced – and so was I! She said that she felt better than she had in years – back to her old self again! Since then I have continued to include A.Vogel Menosan Menopause Support as part of my suggestions to women looking for natural help through the menopause and the reports I am receiving are pretty consistently positive.

About Jenny Logan

Jenny Logan DNMed, BANT, CNHC, is a registered nutritional therapist. She runs a busy clinic and health food store in Morecambe, specialising in hormonal, digestive and weight loss issues. She presents a lot of talks for local groups, writes a weekly alternative view column in her local paper – The Morecambe Visitor – and has her own blog.

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