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Has your mind ever gone blank mid-conversation?

Eileen Durward

22 February 2013

Menopausal memory lapses

This is one of the more irritating and distressing symptoms of the menopause. So many women I talk to have this at some time to some degree and unlike a lot of the symptoms we get this is not always an easy one to sort.

For me, it happened now and again, I would be quite happily talking about something then suddenly it was like someone pulled the plug on my brain and there was…nothing! (Annoying thing is I have been meditating for years and have never got to this state of ‘nothingness’ deliberately!!). I found that I had to literally ‘reboot’ my brain to get back to my train of thought.

Luckily, I realised that getting in a tizz or panic about this served no purpose and actually made it worse so I just used to say to people, ‘sorry I am having a ‘black hole’ moment, I will be back soon’ and I found that this worked well. Luckily I have great work colleagues who just ignored me when this was happening!

What I did find really strange was when giving a talk (I often do evening health talks to groups such as the WI, social groups or church groups) I used to worry that I would get a blank moment in the middle of it but this never happened.

I have surmised that as women at this point in our lives we have so many different things to think about on a daily basis that we just overload our brains but if we try to keep to one train of thought, like my talk, then we can cope just fine.

Tips to help

  • If you do get memory lapses look at the situation you are in, does it always happen at the same time/place/with certain people? If so try to think of ways to change this.
  • Do relax through the situation and don’t panic as this only makes it worse to get back on track.
  • Daily relaxation (which I am always going on about!!) really does make a difference and is worth the 30 minutes you put into it.
  • Make lists to remember things (I know! But it does work)
  • If you find that you really are struggling herbs such as Ginkgo biloba can help and Flower Essences such as Concentration Essence or Relaxation Essence can be taken when needed.
  • Tell your friend and family what is happening, they may be relieved that it is not something else going on!
  • If you are really worried about your memory do go and see your doctor.

What’s your top tip?

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