What to do in the kitchen at 3am?

Do you find yourself pottering about in the early hours of the morning?

Eileen Durward
Ask Eileen

17 December 2012

The 3am wake up call


There you are, wide awake, maybe all hot and bothered, your mind racing and you can’t get back to sleep. Eventually, you think, “Well, I’m awake now so may as well get up and do something useful”. So what do you do? Some ironing?  A bit of dusting? Catch up on your correspondence? Watch TV? No, no, no!

What will happen if you follow those choices is that you’ll slip into work mode, firing up the brain and starting up all of the stress chemicals that usually whizz round your system during the day causing all sorts of mischief! No wonder then if you try going back to bed after a while that you can’t relax and even if you get to sleep you wake up feeling awful.

If you find yourself up in the middle of the night, use this time as a relaxing me-time opportunity or even learn to do something new that you don’t have time for during the day.

Have that long, candle-lit soak in the bath; take up painting; write that book you have been wanting to do all your life; anything that is calming and not ‘work’ or ‘I must get it done’ will be a good choice.

Many women find that this nighttime break can release their artistic talents. Giving yourself me-time is so beneficial for you, both mentally and physically, and very often this quiet time will allow you to get a good sleep afterwards.

Let’s have your ideas for what to do!

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