A.Vogel Talks Menopause: Symptoms coming back and what to do

Eileen Durward

04 April 2016

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Hello, and welcome to my weekly video blog. And today on  A.Vogel Talks Menopause, I’m going to be talking about how my symptoms have come back, what’s going on, and what can I do?

So what are the main reasons this can actually happen?


The first one is obviously stress. We know that stress can have a profound effect on our symptoms, and it can really, really make them worse. We’ve also got dehydration, and I’ve talked about this so much, how lack of water can actually make symptoms worse. So it can cause your joint pains, headaches, dizziness, and all sorts of other symptoms as well. So this is a really, really common one. And as we are here anyway, we’re still in the winter, in the cold weather, sometimes we don’t drink enough water when we’re actually having the central heating on.

Infections or allergies

We’ve also got infections or allergies. You could have something as simple as a minor cold, slight irritation, and that could be enough to actually set your symptoms off. You could have had medications from the doctor even a course of antibiotics or other minor drugs can actually trigger symptoms to come back as well. It could be shock, you could have had a sudden shock, a bit of bad news, or just something happening in your life that you weren’t actually expecting, and that can affect your symptoms as well.


It can be a change of lifestyle. Maybe you moved house, you changed jobs, or some other event has happened in your life that hasn’t happened before. And these things don’t necessarily have to be negative events, it could be something really nice that’s happened, but it can still actually have an effect on your nervous system. It can also be fatigue as well. You know, we’re all busy, we have so much to do, we can run around a lot. And if you’re extra busy, and then extra tired, that can affect your symptoms as well.

Could be your diets slipping, it’s amazing how easy an extra cup of coffee, an extra glass of wine at the weekend, or some cakes, or biscuits, or sweets can actually creep into our lives without actually realising it as well.


We could also have a problem with sleep, and we know in the menopause that falling estrogen can actually affect our sleep as well. So if you suddenly find you’re not sleeping well and your symptoms have come back, then that’s a good indication that the two are actually interfering with each other.

Now, what can you do to help this?

First of all, look back at when these new symptoms occurred, or when your symptoms got worse, and very often you will get a clue. It’s amazing how may women say to me, “Ah! That’s what was going on! I understand what’s happening now.” So just double check over all your diet, do have a good look at it.

Eat a good varied diet

Make sure you’re getting plenty of fresh food, that you’re eating a good varied diet, that you’re getting plenty of protein as well. Because your body needs a lot of protein for all the repair work that’s actually going on. Check that you’re drinking enough water as well, because remember dehydration is a big issue for a lot of menopause symptoms as well.


If you’re extra busy, then really, really try to get that bit of relaxation in, and I just spoke about that in one of the recent video blogs. And this is free 30 minutes a day can make such a difference to your symptoms as well.

Feeling Low or Tired?

Now if you really find that you are fatigued, really tired, if you find that your mood is low, that you’re getting joint aches and pains, and your get-up-and-go has gone, and you really can’t be bothered, then that may indicate that you’re a little bit low in iron, that your vitamin D has dropped, or that you’ve started to get thyroid problems. Though in this situation it is best to get this checked out by the doctor just to actually rule them out.

And sometimes for women, even though you might not actually be menstruating, you can still get a little bit low in iron, and taking a nice gentle iron tonic can sometimes be nice just to give your system a little bit of a boost as well. And if you are having sleep problems, then we’ve got our valerian and hops remedy to help you get a better nights sleep.

So I hope that’s given you just a little bit of a clue about why things can actually change in the menopause. It’s not always necessarily your hormones that are at fault.

Until next week...

Now if you have any questions on this or anything else please do get in touch with me. I love to get your emails and your phone calls, and I’ll look forward to talking to you next week on A.Vogel Talks Menopause where I am going to be talking about how to look after yourself well in the menopause.

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  • Laraine's photo avatar
    Laraine — 05.09.2017 18:37
    Hi just wondering if you can advise me....for the last 2 years I have been having hot flushes night sweats and a few other symptoms of the menopause, which last for a few months, then they go away for a few months then come back. Is this normal. I don't know if I'm coming or going


    • Eileen's photo avatar
      Eileen — 06.09.2017 12:13
      Hello, This is a common scenario on the approach to the menopause. As the menopause is not a static state symptoms can change with the rise and fall of the hormones. Ask the doctor to test your hormone levels to clarify this for you. Reduce tea, coffee and fizzy drinks and any sugar or processed foods from your diet. These can trigger symptoms or make them worse. Try Menosan Sage tincture to tackle hot flushes or sweats and make sure that you drink heaps of plain water to keep hydrated. I hope this reassures you.


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