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Cucumber & Avocado Smoothie (Vegan & GF)

  • Preparation:  min
  • Easy
  • Serves 1
  • Prep: 5 min
  • Easy
  • Serves 1

Packed with vitamin E and healthy fats, the avocado makes this smoothie super healthy and deliciously creamy, while the cucumber makes it cool and refreshing. A great way to start the day, this smoothie is tasty, energising and very quick and easy to make for breakfast.


Cucumber & Avocado Smoothie (Vegan & GF)

  • ½ cucumber
  • 1 stalk celery (50g)
  • 1 green apple
  • 1 avocado, stone removed
  • Juice of ½ lemon
  • ½ tblsp chopped fresh dill
  • 100ml almond milk

How to make Cucumber & Avocado Smoothie (Vegan & GF)

1. Cut the cucumber and celery into small pieces.

2. Remove the core and cut the apple into small pieces.

3. Remove the flesh from the avocado.

4. Squeeze half a lemon.

5. Place all ingredients in a blender and puree until it is fine enough to drink.

6. If necessary, add a little almond milk to make the smoothie thinner.

I hope you give this delicious cucumber and avocado smoothie a try! And if you do, be sure to tag the picture #AVogelRecipes on Pinterest so we can see :)

This recipe is full of goodness

  • High in healthy fats
  • Rich in vitamins (K, C, B5, B6 & E)
  • A good source of folic acid, potassium & fibre

Did you know that avocados contain more potassium than bananas? An essential nutrient for the nervous system, low levels of potassium can cause stress & anxiety.

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