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A complete list of all A.Vogel products available in Ireland

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Balance Mineral Drink
7 x 5.5g sachet € 9.65 More info
Stay in balance with a daily mineral drink
Bambu® coffee alternative
100g € 7.25 More info
Tasty, instant and caffeine-free alternative to coffee
Biotta Beetroot Juice
1 € 5.63 More info
Organic Beetroot Juice from Biotta
Biotta Breuss Juice
1 € 6.42 More info
Organic Breuss Juice from Biotta
Biotta Carrot Juice
1 € 5.63 More info
Organic Carrot Juice from Biotta
Biotta Potato Juice
1 € 7.03 More info
Organic Potato Juice from Biotta
Biotta Purple Carrot Juice
1 € 6.42 More info
Organic Purple Carrot Juice from Biotta
Biotta Vegetable Cocktail
1 € 5.63 More info
Organic Vegetable Cocktail from Biotta
Biotta Wild Mountain Cranberry Juice
1 € 8.51 More info
Organic Wild Mountain Cranberry Juice from Biotta
Hawthorn-Garlic Complex Capsules
90 capsules € 13.61 More info
Herbamare® 125g
125g € 4.15 More info
Seasoning salt – delicious with every meal
Herbamare® Diet Low Salt
125g € 4.99 More info
Our well-known Herbamare® made with potassium chloride - for those on a low [...]

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Our Herbamare combines herbs and vegetables with a little sea salt to create a delicious, healthy seasoning for any dish!

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