6 ways to boost your energy and motivation when you feel lazy

Sarah Hyland

09 June 2020

Laziness or exhaustion?

Sometimes laziness is simply exhaustion. If you are struggling to complete the simplest task it may be worth considering. Are your energy levels low for a good reason?

  • Get more sleep. Most humans needs at least 7 hours and up to 9 hours to operate optimally. If you are having trouble sleeping, make some changes. Here are some nice tips: Top 10 tips for a better sleep this summer
  • Correct any nutritional deficiencies. Energy production is a complicated business. We need a range of nutrients to manufacture energy from the food that we eat. If we are low in iron, we develop anaemia, which can affect oxygen supply to all of our cells. This can make you feel very tired and run-down. Supplies of water-soluble vitamins can run short very quickly, as they are not stored in the body. B vitamins and vitamin C are examples of these. When we are stressed, we may have extra nutritional needs. Stress can slow down the metabolism and the rate at which we take nutrients from our food. Eating regular meals and eating well will help your energy levels. This can be confusing as Doctor Internet is very contradictory. Here is an article that defines a healthy diet: What is a healthy diet?. Don't forget that your GP can check your bloods for deficiencies if you are very tired or run-down.
  • Try the water challenge. We should be going for a pee between five and seven times a day. Our lips should not be cracked and dry. Drink one and a half litres a day of plain water (not fizzy). Do this every day for 10 days and see if you feel more energetic. Your skin will be nice and dewy if nothing else.

Laziness or a lack of confidence?

Failure to start or complete a job may not be laziness but a lack of confidence. Someone in my household is a fastidiously neat and clean person. He likes everything just so and is scared of germs. Despite this, his bedroom is shambolic and chaotic. He simply doesn't know how to start this now massive project. It's overwhelming; because he has perfectionist tendencies he feels doomed to fail. I think he is scared too, of the veritable petri dish that may be lurking in lost corners. What can he do? Tackling years of clutter, under layers of clothes, is not the same fun as organising a pencil case. My advice, should he choose to take it, is to start anywhere.

  • Get organised. Break every job into small achievable goals. Even 10 minutes of concentrated productivity a day will tidy a bedroom eventually. The best thing about order and routine is that it reduces decision making. Decide that you will tidy for 10 minutes every day straight after breakfast. Decision made. 10 minutes is not so scary. Enjoy the results and take pleasure in your power to stick to a plan and get results. Why not try an easy 10 minute workout or make some carrot, lentil and coriander soup or even some gingerbread truffles?
  • Try a little confidence. Sometimes it can feel like failure before you even begin. Dread and horror are not motivational emotions. Are you beating yourself up for being lazy? Maybe you are just worried about not doing a good job. This can be a learned response. Children and teens have negative experiences that teach them that they are foolish to even try a difficult challenge. This can be very difficult to unlearn, but it can be done. You are a grown up now, or on your way to being one. Remember that worrying about failure is not productive, just exhausting. You can choose to do a little of what you can, or you can find some help. Making a plan is a very good start. A decision. A swig of Jan de Vries Confidence Essence may steel the nerve for the task ahead.
  • Get some help. If you are struggling with a task or if you would appreciate help – ask. They say 'a trouble shared is a trouble halved'– it works for chores too. Poor communication can make you look lazy when you are just stuck. How can people tell when you find something difficult? How are they to know unless they are told? Reach out – you may be surprised. Colleagues can be happy to tell you where the file is. Your neighbour may want to help you fix the fence!

Finally don't let 'lazy' be a bad thing that stops you from getting what you want or need. Let lazy be the hot sun on your back as you idly nudge your toes into the sand. Enjoy your well-earned rest after a job well done.

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