The A.Vogel Animal Flower Remedies range

Essences for pets

Animal Emergency Essence for pets

This combination of the flower essences provides support after acute or critical events as it can bring balance to the system and initiate calm.

Emergency Essence can also be used to relax the animal prior to a particularly distressing event e.g. travel, fireworks, vet or farrier visits, horse shows, re-homing or loss of owner or animal friend. This fast-acting remedy can help to calm and provide relief for the animal.

Animal Emergency Essence for pets

Animal Highly Strung Essence for pets

Blended specifically for overactive, edgy, frisky, excitable and upredictable animals.

Wild Oat flower remedies encourage a calmer disposition when the animal becomes unmanageable and nervy. This blend also offers relaxation when there is a tense or difficult atmosphere and the animal becomes agitated.

Highly Strung Essence for pets

Animal Over Dominant Essence for pets

A combination of flower essences put together to provide balance for the naturally head-strong, stroppy and stubborn animal.

It is also suggested for those animals that have a tendency to show jealous, impulsive, barging or snapping behaviour and are generally unmanageable. This blend can help to change such defensive tendencies and develop new, more co-operative ways.

Over Dominant Essence for pets

Animal Separation Essence for pets

Holidays, re-homing and young parting from their mothers are all situations that many animals find themselves in.

This combination has been blended together to help provide support and ease the anxiety and pain which may be causing the animal to pine and feel unsettled.

Separation Essence for pets

Animal Timid Essence for pets

This combination has been blended together to provide natural relief for animals who are submissive, nervous and ring shy. 

It helps to give the insecure animal courage and self assurance, helping animals who have had upsetting experiences in the past to overcome such setbacks and regain their natural self confidence.

Timid Essence for pets

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How to use:

Animal Essences can be added to food, treats or water. For birds, Animal Essences can be put into a spray mist bottle and sprayed onto the feathers. Animal Essences should not be given to fish, reptiles or newborn animals.

Apart from Emergency Essence, it is recommended that only one combination flower remedy is used at a time. Emergency Essence can be used alongside other blends in acute situations such as during fireworks, thunderstorms and traumatic experiences. In such situations Emergency Essence can be given every ten minutes. 

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