Valerian drops

Extract of organically grown fresh Valeriana officinalis

  • Made from organically grown Valerian roots
  • Fresh herb extract
  • Herbal food supplement


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Valerian grows in temperate climes worldwide, the European species being Valerian officinalis. This herb has been held in high esteem from the Middle Ages and is also known as All Heal. 

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Product reviews

Cranberry Complex

Customer rating:

9th February 2023

“Excellent products, excellent service, with discount points,
Also help with any medical problems.”

Response from A.Vogel: Lovely comments, thank you.

Menopause Support tablets

Customer rating:

8th February 2023

“Haven’t received package. The delivery firm say it’s been delivered.”

Response from A.Vogel: Sorry to read your review, please give our Customer Support Team a call on 0800 085 0821 to discuss this.

Cranberry Complex

Customer rating:

8th February 2023

“I started getting mild bladder infections at 49, probably some new part of peri menopause!! Taking one of these every day has now stopped this happening. They are quite pricey, but I do feel it’s worth it.”

Suzanne Cook

Response from A.Vogel: Thank you for your review. It's very helpful for new customs to read other buyers feedback, before making a purchase.


Customer rating:

8th February 2023

“My son started taking this as its like a prebiotic getting the gut into a good environment for the probiotics to work. It really helped with his bowel issue. My daughter in law used it too, which helps with her bloating.”

Suzanne Cook

Response from A.Vogel: Great result and good informed information regarding Molkosan.

Prostasan Saw Palmetto capsules

Customer rating:

8th February 2023

“Always the best fro service and quality of products”

Ian Nicholson

Response from A.Vogel: Thanks for the nice comments.

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