Garlic capsules

Extract of Swiss Garlic oil

Garlic capsules
  • May help maintain health of the circulatory system
  • May support immune system health
  • Oil extract of fresh garlic
  • Herbal food supplement

Garlic must be one of our most popular health supplements. It has a very long history of use – many suggest that garlic has been used ever since the great Egyptian Pharaohs built the pyramids.

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Product reviews

Bronchosan Dry Cough Syrup

Customer rating:

21st February 2020

“Wonderful product. Really works well.”

Colin Mckenzie

Cough Spray

Customer rating:

21st February 2020

“Excellent relief from coughs”

Colin Mckenzie

Neem cream

Customer rating:

21st February 2020

“Neem cream is really helping certain dry skin areas of
my body which seems to be developing in my older years.”

Immune Support

Customer rating:

21st February 2020

“I do what I can to ward off illness, especially since I am now 80 years old, and I trust Vogel to have created a superior immune support
product. ( it includes nasturtium extract, which appeals to me)”

Echinaforce Hot Drink

Customer rating:

21st February 2020

“As I said before, I sometimes use Vogel's remedies as a preventative.

I find the Echinaforce Hot Drink comforting and delicious to drink.
It soothes me and helps my well-being at this stormy time of the year.”

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