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A.Vogel Ireland Ltd conducts research into and publishes healthcare information under the healthcare brand A.Vogel. The company respects the privacy of all visitors to its website – – and ensures that any personal information that you make available is treated confidentially. A.Vogel Ireland Ltd takes the protection of your data very seriously. Our employees and any third parties commissioned by us are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data.

The following data privacy policy is intended to provide you with further details of this. You can print this document out or save it using the standard functions of your browser (usually under File / Save). You can also download and store this document in PDF format by clicking here. In order to open the PDF file, you will need the free application Adobe Reader ( or a similar programme that can read PDF format.


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  • Martine Kimmins 's photo avatar
    Martine Kimmins — 10.10.2023 08:46
    I am age 56 last period 8 years ago and postmenopause. I had relatively OK perimenopause. For past few months have had issues with hot flashes/night sweats and generally not feeling well. Also was diagnosed with high BP and high heart rate now under control with medication. Night sweats have gotten worse and at times have headaches tiredness just unwell. Could these symptoms be due to hormones and menopause even after 8 years of being OK?


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen —
      Hi Martine It#s unlikely to be hormonal after all this time but we do know that any kind of physical or emotional stress can trigger flushes through the nervous system. Just check that the flushes are not a side effect of your medications as this can happen. You could try the sage to see if that can be helpful too.


  • Jenny 's photo avatar
    Jenny — 22.04.2023 08:50
    Hello can I take two different types of A. Vogel drops at the same time eg Luffa complex drops and Plantago drops? Thanks Jenny


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen —
      Hi Jenny Yes, you can use both these together


  • Joanne 's photo avatar
    Joanne — 03.05.2021 20:33
    Not getting a restful sleep


    • Emma's photo avatar
      Emma — 04.05.2021 10:26
      Hi Joanne, I do hope you can find some useful tips and advice in the 'blog' section of our website. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Best wishes, Emma


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