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The philosophy of Alfred Vogel


The Complete Power of Fresh Plants

Alfred Vogel was convinced that only fresh plants contained the full spectrum of active medicinal substances. For this reason we prepare all plants from which A.Vogel fresh herbal remedies are produced within 24 hours of harvest.
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The Eight Principles of Alfred Vogel

Alfred Vogel’s beliefs are still valid today. What the Pioneer in Natural Health advocated remains the benchmark for our business. Read our founder’s eight principles and find out what makes the A.Vogel brand so fascinating.
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Nutrition and Health Go Hand in Hand

A.Vogel's Ten Principles of Nutrition.
When we become ill a good 80% of the condition can be put down to a lack of knowledge and understanding of the body’s needs. Faith in medicine and medicine alone cannot give us back our health when we are unwell – we must return to a natural way of life since the majority of our illnesses are caused by unhealthy lifestyle and nutrition.’
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Live a Holistic Lifestyle

Health is based on the harmonious combination of a well-balanced lifestyle, spiritual contentment, healthy nutrition and natural remedies.  A zest for life and adequate exercise also form part of daily healthcare, which, with good reason, is regarded as our most important possession. 
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