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Hot Flushes? Night Sweats? Try

Alfred Vogel’s Love of Nature:
The Echinacea harvest that prepares us for winter

August is the month where many people in Switzerland are on holiday, but in Roggwil it is one of our busiest times of year.
This is the time for our Echinacea harvest. We grow our Echinacea in our herb gardens as well as in two villages close to Roggwil. It is important that the Echinacea fields are within easy reach of our factory as we process our herbs fresh from the field. For Echinacea, this is usually less than 4 hours from harvesting!

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Summer colds vs. Winter colds

The days have got longer, your suitcases are packed, and the sun is shining. You are dreaming of your summer holiday, the glowing tan you are about to develop while you listen to the sound of the waves at the beach…
And then you sneeze… your throat becomes sore… your head begins to ache, and unpleasant memories of winter days spent curled up in bed with chicken soup and decongestants come flooding back with alarming clarity. Yes, this is not the annual bout of winter sniffles, but an unexpected attack of the summer cold.

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