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Alfred Vogel

Naturopathic pioneer

Alfred Vogel (1902 - 1996) was a tireless researcher, a gifted speaker, a world traveller and a man who understood better than anyone how nature works and heals. His knowledge and skill laid the basis for A.Vogel herbal and healthcare products today.

Alfred Vogel

The Life of Alfred Vogel

Alfred Vogel supported Nature and Phytotherapy throughout his life.
The pioneer in natural health died in 1996 at the ripe old age of 94. His life story is both eventful and exciting.

Get to know an exceptional and fascinating human being.
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Alfred Vogel's Travels

Pioneer in Natural Health

Alfred Vogel was many things: naturopath and nutritional therapist, a tireless researcher, a gifted communicator and a passionate explorer.  Like few others, he understood how to make use of the healing powers of Nature for the benefit of mankind. 

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Alfred Vogel's Publications

Alfred Vogel’s Publications

Alfred Vogel not only developed well known herbal remedies and healthy foodstuffs but also wrote a whole range of successful books. He also founded the magazine, A.Vogel Gesundheits-Nachrichten (Health News), which has appeared 11 times annually  in German since 1929.

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