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Alfred Vogel

The employees of the A.Vogel Group perceive this as both a challenge and a duty: as principles to guide them in their work and to be followed with conviction, in order to ensure their survival in the future.

1. Nature and the quality of life

To find the true quality of life, live as far as possible in harmony with the creator and nature and be aware of nature's powers. Enabling people to adopt the struggle for natural harmony as their own aim in life is a rewarding task.

2. Health care

Foresight is the source of health and happiness. The decision to adopt a natural balanced diet and to heed the body's own signals must be taken freely and deliberately. Health, like illness, does not affect particular organs in isolation, but is closely connected with our attitude towards life, our circumstances and our lifestyle.

3. It's up to you

Knowing how nutrition and health are linked makes it easier for us to realise the vital fact that the responsibility for our wellbeing lies in our own hands, and not in those of the health authorities. The physician or therapist is like a mountain guide. He leads and shows the way, but he does not carry the patients. They have to make their way themselves. We must learn to take responsibility for our own health. 'Adopt a largely vegetarian diet of natural whole food products containing a preponderance of alkaline substances.Together with an ample proportion of raw vegetables, you will have already taken a significant step towards long term health and a well-balanced disposition.'

4. Balance as a principle of life

Follow nature's example and try to find the balance between tension and relaxation, between activity and rest, between intellectual and physical activity. Illness and suffering are caused by imbalance and disharmony, in whatever areas of our life they may occur.

5. Respect and sympathy

To live according to the principles of nature is much more than a technique. It requires an inner attitude which is typified by a deep understanding of, as well as respect and sympathy for, creation. If we wish to oppose violence, be it against Man, the environment or animals, then we have to learn to respect Life as something sacred. To allow animals, which are part of creation, to suffer in Man's experiments, is cruel and irreconcilable with an attitude of respect towards nature.

6. The urge to heal is a law of nature

'It is never too late to start supporting nature in its urge to heal because the law of nature calls for the preservation of life.' After years of illness, many people have recovered their health thanks to a rigorous change in their way of life and with the help of natural medicine. Natural, holistic herbal medicine does not combat symptoms, but seeks to eliminate the causes of the illness.

7. The Holistic Principle

Each plant is complete in itself; it proceeds from a formula based on intelligence, forethought and wise planning. The precious value of the individual plant is jeopardised if its delicately balanced structure is torn apart.“ Every substance contained in a plant has purpose and significance. They complement each other and act as a whole. It is important to grow seeds in healthy soil without using pesticides, and to process the plants for medicinal purposes gently and without using substances that are poisonous or environmentally unfriendly. Wherever reasonably possible, fresh plants should be used.

8. The Power of Love

'In all your striving let love be your guide. It is the greatest power in the universe.' (Alfred Vogel)