Week 1 – Life Tips for those Self-Isolating

Gabrielle McAuley

02 April 2020

First - 3 tips for each day

Day 1.

  • Relax, chill as best you can.
  • Make a list of what makes you happy.
  • Try taking Echinaforce for its antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and immune strengthening action.

Read more in my post for day 1.

Day 2.

  • Get up and dress at the usual time.
  • Eat healthily – plenty fruit and veg.
  • Take vitamin C - has many health benefits.

Read more in my post for day 2.

Day 3.

  • Feed the birds and watch Spring unfold.
  • Exercise, stretch, dance, keep moving.
  • Drink water – at least a litre a day.

Read more in my post for day 3.

Day 4.

Read more in my post for day 4.

Day 5.

  • Practice Mindfulness, Meditation, or simply being present.
  • Use your yoga mat or mini trampoline.
  • Laughter is the best medicine – find funny things to make you laugh.

Read more in my post for day 5.

Day 6.

  • Take 'deep breath' breaks – good for everything.
  • Stay in touch with family and friends – they need you as much as you need them.
  • For a bit more pep in your step, try Balance Drink.

Read more in my post for day 6.

Day 7.

  • Notice and be thankful for all you have.
  • Go outside in the garden, for a walk, or stand by the open window for a while.
  • Vitamin D may be helpful too.

Read more in my post for day 7.

Best of health to all.

A Week of Short Posts for those who are ‘self-isolating’.

Day 1

  1. Relaxing into acceptance that this is going to be how it's going to be for a while is the first step to making the best of this time. I'm not going to be going anywhere outside these four walls much in the next while, so I may as well relax and enjoy it as best I can.
  2. Turning this time into something positive by making a list of what makes me happy and for me, that's listening to Lyric FM, reading some new books I haven't got to read yet and rereading of my old favourites, and reading poems I learnt at school.
  3. Taking my Echinaforce every day is important too. I feel it's a good choice for me to take right now.

So, on Day 1, what is working for me is accepting the situation, making the best of it, and supporting myself by taking Echinaforce every day.

Day 2

It's easy to slip into a habit of being lazy when not having to get up and go out every day, so here are today's tips.

  1. Getting up at my normal time really works for me, and showering, dressing and doing my makeup, as if I were heading out for the day, ensures I'm feeling pretty good. And, maybe an odd thing perhaps, but actually getting out of the slippers and putting on the shoes works for me too. There's something about putting on the shoes that moves me into living the day, whereas the slippers have a feeling of slouching through it.
  2. Eating good healthy food helps us to feel better. Now is not the time for living on chocolate biccies and coffee. Vegetables, fruit, water, and healthy grains I'm finding allow me to feel so much better and to have better energy throughout the day.
  3. Vitamin C has a long history of use for its many health benefits, so after the bowl of porridge, my first vitamin C of the day is swallowed.

 So, today's tips: Get the day off to a good start, eat healthily, and take some Vitamin C.

Day 3

Well by now, I'm settling into a routine. Here are some of thing things that are working for me, today's tips.

  1. Feed the birds. Watching them at the bird feeder is so entertaining, much more so than the TV. A few years ago, my son gave me a different kind of feeder that only takes the tiny nyjer seeds which attract the smaller birds, including finches. They are so beautifully coloured and their carry-on at the feeders is so funny.
  2. Exercise at home can be tricky. Over the years I've bought a yoga mat, which is now being used every day. Or you could dance around the kitchen, which seems to be something lots of folk are doing. I feel a lot better having done my daily workout.
  3. Drink Water. It's so easy to get into having extra cups of tea and coffee but I feel much better if I manage my daily litre of water. Every cell in our bodies, including our brains need water and there's no excuse about not finding a toilet when we're at home.

Staying healthy on day 3 includes feeding the birds, exercising, and drinking water.

Day 4

Here's what I'm doing today so I can be well and happy.

  1. Listening to music really does it for me. There is much evidence that listening to classical music, particularly the music of Mozart is good for our health. In fact, I have a CD course called 'Heal yourself with Sound and Music'; and I'm using these days to replay all the many amazing CD's I've bought over the years but haven't had much time to listen to and enjoy. Now is that time. Today I'm listening to Mozart's Clarinet Quintet in A; but Elvis, Maura O'Connell, Pink Martini, and lots of others are getting a spin too.
  2. I'm limiting my exposure to the news. I find it makes me anxious and worried, so I'm listening to one bulletin in the morning and watching one in the evening and that's it! My being overwhelmed by all the negative news is not helpful to anyone; so, controlling how much I imbibe is very important for me.
  3. Even at the best of times my routine includes taking some B Complex in the morning. This is really supportive of the nervous system. There are some wonderful herbals which can help with mild anxiety too – AvenaCalm for instance.

Day 5

Happily, still doing all the above and finding it so important to nourish myself on every level, mind body and spirit. So, today's tips:

  1. Meditation – Sitting down quietly and being still, no music, no distractions for 15 minutes morning and evening, seems to support the rest of the day in going differently. I don't want to make any claims for this, but definitely my own day runs more peacefully and smoothly if I do my daily meditation practice. There are many online Mindfulness and other meditations and there is a lot of research on the positive effects meditation has on health.
  2. Rebounding – My mini-trampoline (rebounder) has been dusted off and is in use again. It is a very simple and effective way of exercising indoors and, like meditation, has many health benefits. I'm finding it best not to overdo it on the first few days. I'm also aware that it's really important, if you are considering buying one, to purchase a really good reliable brand, otherwise it may not be safe. So, a few minutes 'bouncing' a few times a day is great indoor exercise. 'Rebounding for Health and Fitness' by Margaret Hawkins might be worth a read.
  3. Laughter is the Best Medicine and is really good for the immune system. So, whatever it is that makes you laugh, watching comedy on TV, listening to funny clips on radio, reading joke books, whatever it is, have a laugh today; it's really really good for you and for me.

Today: Meditation, Bouncing on the mini-trampoline, and Laughing are great things to do for your health and wellbeing, and for mine too, and they are helping me to say well and happy at this time of self-isolating.

Day 6

  1. Staying in touch with friends and family is a really big help at this time. We have a whatsapp family group and my friends and I also have a similar group. These are so helpful in assisting us all to be well and happy. I haven't been a big fan of modern media but am deeply grateful for it now.
  2. Take regular 'deep breath' breaks. Helps with everything. Breath in for a number of counts (I count to seven), hold for a while, breath out again. Feet on the ground, back straight, aware of the clothes on the skin, let the mind fall still and take a few deep breaths.
  3. We can find our energy dropping a bit with being home all the time and can feel in need of a pep-up. Something like Balance Drink, with its trace elements including zinc, might be worth a try.

So, today's tips: stay in touch with friends and family, take deep breaths, and if you're needing a bit more 'pep in your step', try Balance Drink.

Day 7

  1. Attitude of Gratitude, time to take out my notebook and write down all those things for which I am truly grateful. This has an amazing effect on lifting the spirits.
  2. Go outside for a while – in the garden, or for a (socially distanced) walk. If it's raining, open the window for a while, stay warm and breathe.
  3. Vitamin D – added to the list, another component of my support team.

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