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A complete list of all A.Vogel products available in Ireland

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Bioforce Cream
35g € 10.99 More info
Naturally nourishes & softens to protect dry, hard or cracked skin
Calendula Complex
50ml € 12.77 More info
A combination of cleansing herbs
Comfrey Cream
35g € 10.99 More info
Naturally hydrates & brightens tired, dry, ageing skin
Cranberry Complex
30 tablets € 33.99 More info
Cranberry with extracts of freshly harvested nasturtium, horseradish and golden rod
Dentaforce mouthwash
100ml € 11.95 More info
For good oral hygiene
Echinacea toothpaste
100g € 6.95 More info
Fresh echinacea extract and essential oils
Hair Complex
60 tablets € 17.75 More info
Containing millet, stinging nettle & more
Pure Armour Explorer
100ml € 10.50 More info
A natural deodorant for men
Pure Aura lavender and vanilla
100ml € 10.50 More info
Effective natural deodorant with a lavender and vanilla scent
Pure Aura melon & cucumber
100ml € 10.50 More info
Effective natural deodorant with a melon and cucumber scent
Rock Chick Deodorant Stick
90g € 8.35 More info
A little bit of girl power confidence.
Salt of the Earth Deodorant Foot Spray
100ml € 10.69 More info
Fresh feet are only a spray away with the all new, 100% natural Foot Spray deodorant from [...]

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