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A Life in Healing

Jan de Vries's journey from childhood in war-torn Holland through to his amazing 50 year career

Jan de Vries: A Life in Healing is the autobiography of the world-renowned practitioner. It recounts his journey from childhood in war-torn Holland through his amazing 50 year career during which he gained a deserved reputation as a leader in the field of complementary medicine.

De Vries has encountered many obstacles in his fight to achieve recognition for the benefits of complementary therapies and he was once even threatened with imprisonment. Throughout these struggles, he has remained true to his principles and his success can be measured by the large number of conventional doctors who have come to support his work.

In this extraordinary autobiography, de Vries also looks back over his long and fruitful working relationship with Alfred Vogel, the famous Swiss naturopath. De Vries was the only person to whom Vogel taught his unique healing methods and he shares many of the secrets and methods he learned from this remarkable man.

Jan de Vries has helped hundreds of thousands of patients during his long career and in this absorbing account he includes invaluable advice for daily living and achieving good physical, mental and spiritual health.

ISBN 1 84596 141 2

A life in Healing

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€ 27.99(hardback)