I've been told by my doctor that I am Peri-menopausal. I had an ablation about 5 years ago due to having very heavy and very frequent periods. I have to use the Estring and a cream periodically due to thinning, and painful intercourse. I have a lot of issues going on in my life right now. My mother has Parkingsons/Dementia and is in a skilled nursing facility. I have three other siblings that have not lifted a finger to help me with anything, and they barely go and see her. I am very sad and I feel very depressed all the time - I don't rest well and I cry on a daily basis. I should be happy right now - my first grandchild was born only six weeks ago. I used to go to the gym everyday and now I don't have the energy or the desire to go. I've put on weight despite the fact that I try really hard to eat heathly. My arms, shoulders, and elbows hurt nonstop. Sometimes I feel like I don't want to be here anymore! I went to my MD about these feelings and they said that I was not suffering from depression, but that I was in a depressing situation. They advised that I come up with a plan to make myself happy. I have been put on anti-depressants before but they don't seem to work. Do you think that I need to make an appointment with my OBYGN and talk to him to see if I should be put on HRT? What can I do? Is there a blood test that can tell if you need to be on HRT? I've heard such bad things about hormone replacement drugs that I'm a little worried. I would greatly appreciated any advice you can give me.

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