I have recently been tested for rheumatoid arthritis because my joints have very quickly become sore and very painful - all results were negative. So I started to think of other reasons for this sudden decline in my health. I am 50 years old and use a Mirena coil for contraception - so I never see any period. This obviouly makes it difficult for me to monitor my cycle. I was tested 2 years ago to see where things were in my menopause and I was just told that it had started. Last month, suddenly out of the blue, I bled fresh red blood with a couple of large clots. I have also seen my GP due to my heart fluttering - they dismissed this as I recently had a heart trace done and my blood pressure is normal ( I take regular medication for high bP). I cannot tell you how happy I feel to have found your website and it has helped me self diagnose my menopause - so my question is what shall I do now? Should I have a blood test done to confirm my very strong suspicions? What medications can I take - my GP has prescribed some pain relief gel called Tiloket which hasnt really helped. My elbows, knees, toes, fingers, and even my neck are so sore - I even felt like my jaw was aching. As this is all very recent, I have only just started logging when my pain is worse but 3 weeks ago I could hardly believe the pain. It has so rapidly increased. Now today I am itching like craZy but joint pain has diminished. It gets worse at night and first thing in the morning. Can you recommend anything to help or what I should do next?

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