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Menopause and pregnancy

What are the chances of pregnancy when entering the menopause?

Menopause Support can provide support to the body through all stages of the Menopause but is especially useful when broad range of symptoms such as hot flushes, irritability, tiredness, pains and aches, vaginal dryness etc kick in.

  • Made from fermented soya beans
  • Support for all stages of the menopause
  • Also contains magnesium and hibiscus

A herbal dietary supplement containing soy isoflavones, magnesium and hibiscus extract for all stages of the menopause.

TIP: Read why so many women recommend Menopause Support for before, during & after the menopause


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  • Gloria Monloy's photo avatar
    Gloria Monloy — 07.10.2017 17:27
    Hi Doctor Eileen, am already 53 years old menopaused. Its possible for me to get pregnant through injection? Thanks


  • Sandra's photo avatar
    Sandra — 04.10.2017 14:47
    Great news everyone! Me and my husband has been married for about 3years now but have not be able to get pregnant and last year his family member want me out of the house because they said i was on able to give them a child and they want him to get married to someone else i have know where to run to one day a friend of my told me about Mallam Abusu on how powerful he is and how he has also help her with spell so i have to contact him immediately on his email: and he told me what i have to do which i did and after 10 days i started seeing some charges in my body and i have to go and have a test carried out on me and find out that i was pregnant and it was just like a dream to me and i and my husband are very happy now and even the family member love me more than ever before and i had my baby delivered on may this years thanks to Mallam Abudu,i will advice anyone in need of help to contact him because he is very nice on email


  • Kim's photo avatar
    Kim — 10.09.2017 19:06
    I am 54 and on HRT for just over 1 year i had an endrametrial eblation 15 years ago never had a period since. When is it safe to have sex I have had all the hot flushes sweats and can't tell as don't have periods. I have been told it's 54/55


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 11.09.2017 13:23
      Hi Kim You are usually considered safe from pregnancy after 2 years without a period but if you have no periods as a guide it is much more difficult to tell. For most women they will be through the menopause by 55 and if your symptoms have tailed off it is possible that you are through it. However, it may be an idea to ask your doctor to do a hormone test and that may be a better marker to see if you could still get pregnant.


  • Beverley's photo avatar
    Beverley — 30.08.2017 05:55
    I am having realy bad hot flushes they get so bad i feel like im going to pass out i started the menopause three years ago any help would be brilliant


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 11.09.2017 13:23
      Hi Beverley You could try the sage as this is specifically for flushes and sweats and usually works quickly. However, if these are getting worse it is best to check with your doctor as there may be other health issues involved such as low iron or low vitamin D.


  • Miss c's photo avatar
    Miss c — 01.07.2017 21:27
    I have a partner and would like to have another child i have been sterlised and want to have it reversed if i can, im going through menpause but see a period every 3-4 months is there anychance of conceiving a prrgnancy


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 03.07.2017 10:28
      Hi Miss C The theory is that you can still get pregnant until you have not had any periods for 1-2 years, however there are other factors to take into account such as your age and general health. I would ask your doctor for a hormone test and that should indicate whether you can still conceive naturally.


  • Salma Ali's photo avatar
    Salma Ali — 13.06.2017 07:02
    I would like to know if I can get advices of what to do if I want baby while I am already on monopose. My and my new partner we want triples if is possible. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


    • Eileen's photo avatar
      Eileen — 20.06.2017 08:42
      Hi Salma Unfortunately, getting pregnant in the menopause can be very difficult especially if your periods have stopped, sorry. The best thing to do is see your doctor, they can test your hormone levels and that will indicate whether you can still get pregnant or not.


Menopause support – Soy Isoflavones for all stages of the menopause

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Menopause Support can be used to help you through all stages of the menopause.
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