I'm soooo tired!

Could you fall asleep at your desk?

Eileen Durward

11 October 2013

I'm soooo tired!

It has been a very busy time for me lately and this morning as I ploughed through my work I thought, ‘I’m so tired, I could quite happily lie under my desk and sleep!’ I do hate feeling like this, no energy, thinking like treacle and my get up and go has definitely gone AWOL!

So, here I am giving advice to hundreds of menopausal women about health and vitality and I feel like a rag doll: how did it happen?

I am normally very good at organising my life, trying to balance work and play but lately work has been very busy and my play has meant a lot of travelling, which in itself can be tiring, or really heavy work in the garden, and I can’t remember the last time I had a whole weekend to myself.

I was also working down in London at the CAM Show so that meant a very early Saturday start, flying into London, on my feet all day and the same on Sunday plus flying home in the evening. Although it was great fun all this rushing around for the last few months has now taken its toll and today my energy is really low.

So what can I do to help myself as the next few weeks are still going to be busy with work and family get-togethers, and then there is the run up to Christmas……?

My evening relaxation sessions have suffered so I need to get back into that every night without fail and when I am tired I want to sleep in so my morning Yoga is more of a struggle.  I know that the less exercise I do the less energy I have so I need to get motivated again. And because of travelling my diet is not quite as good as it normally is so back to the fresh stuff!

I think I will take some Relaxation Essence (my favourite Flower Essence, I feel it’s just made for women who do too much!) and up my magnesium intake for a few weeks as well, and I know I will bounce back good as new!

If you feel like me, you can take a look at our menopause fatigue page for an in depth look on causes of fatigue during the menopause and remedies to help.

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