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Am I menopausal?

It can be confusing when you start getting menopausal symptoms as there are often other possible explanations for those indications

Menopause Support can provide support to the body through all stages of the Menopause but is especially useful when broad range of symptoms such as hot flushes, irritability, tiredness, pains and aches, vaginal dryness etc kick in.

  • Made from fermented soya beans
  • Support for all stages of the menopause
  • Also contains magnesium and hibiscus

A herbal dietary supplement containing soy isoflavones, magnesium and hibiscus extract for all stages of the menopause.

TIP: Read why so many women recommend Menopause Support for before, during & after the menopause


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  • Anika's photo avatar
    Anika — 05.10.2017 22:25
    I am 40 and my periods stopped for more thn 2 years. What are the resosns for this? Are there any side effects? Is it okay? What should do and what should i avoid doing or eating?


  • Dawn's photo avatar
    Dawn — 17.09.2017 14:42
    I have been on her for a year but I got really itchy in unmentionable places so I stopped. Wow I now feel wretched and would rather die than carry on. But what is the best thing to do.


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 19.09.2017 10:03
      Hi Dawn Unfortunately, even if you have been on HRT for a short while once you stop, especially if you do it quickly, this can trigger a sudden hormonal fall back down to your own natural level and this can cause all sorts of menopause symptoms! I would go back to your doctor and explain how you are feeling, there are lots of different kinds of HRT and they may be able to find one that doesn't give you the side effects you had before. If you want to do it naturally you may find the Menopause Support can help to ease your symptoms and acupuncture can often be beneficial and re-balancing the hormones after stopping HRT.


  • Rachel's photo avatar
    Rachel — 28.08.2017 19:03
    Does the menopause affect your blood pressure and have more bad headaches


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 29.08.2017 12:11
      Hi Rachel Unfortunately, this can happen, we know that falling oestrogen can affect blood pressure and this in turn may cause headaches.However, headaches can be caused by other factors so it is a good idea to get them checked out by your doctor. In the meantime you may find a magnesium suppelement 200mg twice a day and lots of water can help.


Menopause support – Soy Isoflavones for all stages of the menopause

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Menopause Support can be used to help you through all stages of the menopause.
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