Endurance exercises

Simple exercises to build endurance and stamina


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  • Deborah Mann's photo avatar
    Deborah Mann — 04.07.2017 07:15
    I collapsed with a severe neurological illness over 22 years ago which resulted in limited stamina, fatigue and I can't run or move quickly. I was quite active as a young woman and became the scottish youthclub table tennis champion in 1986. My balance has also been affected which restricts me in what I can do. Doing physical excercise seems to fatigue me for quite a while afterwards so any suggestions on what I can do in this situation with regards to menapause/varicose veins please?


    • Emma's photo avatar
      Emma — 12.07.2017 12:56
      Hi Deborah, supporting our circulation is important for varicose veins but I understand this may be difficult if you struggle to move well. However, some stretching exercises may be suitable which you can also find on our website. Even walking is better than nothing and the main focus should be on trying to get the calf muscle working. Even just flexing your feet (pulling your toes back up away from the floor), or standing from flat to tip toes and back again to exercise the calf muscle can be useful – these movements just help to get the blood back up the leg and take the pressure off the veins. Other options could include swimming or something even gentler such as yoga. We also have a product called Venaforce which can be taken to help relieve the symptoms of varicose veins which you find useful.


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