A diabetic’s guide to Aubergines

Felicity Mann

18 June 2015

How can aubergine prevent and control diabetes?

An aubergine rich diet is recommended by the Diabetics Association as a highly effective solution in both the control and prevention of type 2 diabetes, but how can eating more aubergine do this?

  • Studies have found that the consumption of aubergines actually hinders the enzyme which converts starch into blood sugar, making it arguably one of the most effective foods in preventing diabetic issues.
  • Aubergines are high in alpha-glucosidase as well as angiotensin, which both improve glucose absorption.
  • Whilst being packed with fibre, aubergines have a minimal soluble carbohydrate content.

  • The high volume of antioxidants contained in aubergine helps to crush blood sugar generated free radicals in the body.
  • Other diabetes fighting nutrients found in aubergines include in quercetin, beta-carotene, genistein and curcumin.
  • Aubergine is a very low calorie, highly nutrient dense food which makes you feel full, thus preventing overeating

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