Metabolism and Weight Management

Sarah Hyland

30 January 2019

Sluggish digestion

Sluggish digestion can result in nutritional deficiency, bloating and tiredness. A diet low in dietary fibre, protein, fresh fruit and vegetables does not provide enough fuel or nutrients for energy production. An impaired digestive system will have a similar effect, as the nutrients ingested will not be absorbed. The less energy produced, the more tired the person feels and the less likely they are to be fit and active, with the motivation to make healthy food choices, it's a vicious circle!

Yo-yo diets and food exclusions

Yo-yo diets and ongoing food exclusion can, over time, stop the production of digestive enzymes. These are the chemicals our bodies produce to break down our food and to extract nutrients. Without enough digestive enzymes, the resulting undigested food will ferment in the gut, causing wind, discomfort and over a longer period, poor absorption of valuable nutrients.

Thyroid problems

Low thyroid function can affect the metabolism, slowing down the digestive system and the body's ability to burn calories. Symptoms of a thyroid problem would be low energy, weight changes, poor immunity, mood and digestive problems as well as dry skin, nails and hair. Anaemia, other nutritional deficiencies and menopause can cause similar symptoms so it's worth visiting your doctor to get a check-up if you think this sounds like you.

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep can adversely affect your metabolism by causing tiredness, anxiety and low mood. 400 more calories a day of sugary and fatty food (!!!) are eaten by people who miss even one hour of sleep the night before. Poor sleep coupled with alcohol consumption the night before will make things even worse!

What can you do?
Remedies to help

  • A.Vogel's Dandelion tincture contains both the leaf and root of fresh dandelion. It can reduce the symptoms of water retention and puffiness. It also improves bile flow, which helps your digestive system break down fats and tells the gut to get moving! People who have a sluggish bowel or those without a gall bladder can benefit from better bile flow.

Both A.Vogel's Yarrow Complex and Molkosan can help improve digestive function by reducing bloating and wind. This will help with a swollen belly and a tight waistband!

  • Yarrow Complex is a combination of bitter herbs that act like a systems reboot. They can stimulate the digestion by increasing the production of digestive enzymes, improving our ability to break down food and can even help with food cravings by regulating the appetite.
  • Molkosan can be added to juice, smoothies or water and acts as a prebiotic, rich in L+lactic acid. Prebiotics help our good bacteria and microbes to thrive by creating the perfect acid balance and environment. Again, this will help with wind and bloating and, can regulate the appetite by supporting pancreatic function as well as the immune system.
  • Seaweed is a really rich source of minerals, especially iodine. Iodine is essential for healthy thyroid function but unfortunately the average Irish diet is lacking in this vital nutrient. Simply adding either fish or seaweed to your diet can help. A.Vogel's Kelp tablets can be taken before each meal to provide the necessary support if a busy lifestyle makes eating enough fish or seaweed difficult. A healthy thyroid helps metabolic function and healthy skin, nails and hair.

Maintain a good sleep routine

Going to bed before eleven every night and getting a minimum of seven to eight hours sleep has proven benefits. A.Vogel's Dormeasan is a fresh herb tincture of Valerian and Hops to help relax the body and mind, promoting the establishment of a regular sleep pattern.

Sleeping well reduces food cravings, improves mood, stamina and energy levels.

Keep active

Keeping active is essential for burning excess calories, for strength and for good circulation which will keep skin rosy and promote repair and healing. As we get older we lose muscle and this in turn slows our metabolism. Use it or lose it.

Drink water

Finally, please do drink your litres of water. Keeping hydrated is free and improves all of the above.


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  • RogerTeAvy's photo avatar
    RogerTeAvy — 04.02.2019 10:02
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  • Eileen's photo avatar
    Eileen — 31.01.2019 13:01
    I have tried Dormeasan and it has not changed my sleep at all . When I get up in the morning I have a headache


    • Sarah's photo avatar
      Sarah — 01.02.2019 08:39
      Hi Eileen, I'm sorry to hear this. We wouldn't expect Dormeasan to contibute to these symptoms the next day. It might be worth considering your hydration levels, and perhaps trying a different remedy such as our Passiflora if you are still having trouble sleeping. Also, if your symptoms persist we would recommend you go to the doctor for a check up.


  • Mary's photo avatar
    Mary — 31.01.2019 10:53
    Will any of these remedies impact on prescribed medication?


    • Sarah's photo avatar
      Sarah — 01.02.2019 04:44
      Hi Mary, this would depend on what medication you are on. If you can please clarify I'd be happy to help advise.


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