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Saw palmetto tincture

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Saw palmetto

Extract of Sabal serrulata berries

Sabal is the name given to the group of plants known as the ‘New World Palms’ or simply as Palmetto. The Sabal group of plants can be found all over the world, but Sabal serrulata (also known as Serenoa repens and by the common names Saw palmetto or Dwarf Palm) is only found in the Florida Everglades.

Benefits and features of A.Vogel Saw palmetto tincture:

  • Helps maintain the health of the prostate gland
  • Made from Saw palmetto berries
  • Herbal food supplement

The fruit or berries of Sabal serrulata are used to make Saw palmetto tincture. These are the size of olives and contain an oil known simply as ‘saw palmetto oil’, rich in a substance called β-sitosterol. Saw palmetto berries are popular as a food supplement for many uses, including to help maintain the health of a normal prostate gland.

Saw palmetto oil is used at a dose of 320mg to help relieve the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. See our page on Prostasan® Saw palmetto capsules for more information.

Tincture of Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) berries, extracted in alcohol (75%V/V)

Directions for use:
20 - 30 drops twice daily in a little water.
This product is not recommended in children.

Please seek medical advice if pregnant.

Saw palmetto tincture

saw palmetto

€ 10.99(50ml)

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