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Time for a change

January - a time for looking forward and trying to keep those promises you made to look after yourself better after the festivities. In the cold light of a new year, the decision to lead a healthier life may seem daunting but taken step by step it can be one of the simplest resolutions to keep. Here are five simple steps.

Eat well

Have a good look at your diet. Are you living on sugar, alcohol, caffeine and bread? If so, you are providing an internal paradise for unfriendly bacteria - try a prebiotic such as Molkosan® Vitality to combat this. Overindulgence on rich, fatty foods can put a real strain on the liver. Try adding a little more fresh fruit, vegetables and wholefoods to your weekly shop. Five a day really does help keep the body in tip top condition.

Drink wisely, Drink water

Make sure you're drinking plenty of still water. 1.5 litres daily enables your kidneys to flush toxins through effectively and reduces the likelihood of fluid retention. Avoid drinking alcohol, fizzy pop or caffeine filled drinks like coffee. Try one of the wide variety of herbal teas if you enjoy hot drinks or a good coffee alternative such as Bambu.

Relax and draw breath

So many factors can contribute to the build-up of modern day stress and somehow the winter months seem to add to our woes. Learn to sit quietly even for a few minutes and focus on something that makes you smile. The central nervous system takes a great deal of the strain both physically and emotionally when pressures are building. Nature provides many herbs that work gently with your body, such as Oats (Avena sativa), traditionally known as a nerve tonic.

Step out into the fresh air

Exercise is of paramount importance these days as many people spend their working day sitting at a desk or in the car. Simple exercise will both improve your lung capacity and increase levels of 'happy chemicals' in your body. Exercise helps the flow of blood in the body. If you go in for more energetic exercise, it's worth remembering to have yourArnica to hand to ease those bruises.

Get your beauty sleep

Sleep is essential for mind and body. The amount of sleep needed varies from person to person but one thing is certain – no matter what the age, poor quality or lack of sleep can result in emotional and physical problems. Valerian is traditionally known for its mild relaxing action, having been used for many years to help relieve anxiety and sleeplessness.