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Every day should be Mother's Day

Mothering Sunday brings with it all the hype of cards, flowers, breakfast in bed, and the rest - but what about the other 364 days. This world is full of people whose main role in life is to look after other people - many to the extent that they forget to look after themselves. Here are a few ideas that don't cost a fortune:

  • Put up a bird feeder in the garden and take even 15 minutes with a cup of herbal tea or Bambu coffee to watch their antics as they vie for position.
  • Brush the dust off that musical instrument you haven't played for years and have a blow, strum or bow. It may sound a bit odd to start with but you don't have to be a top class musician to have fun. Or you could sing in the shower...
  • Remember the joy of watching things grow. Windowsills make great windowboxes. Plant some violets and watch them grow. Their pretty 'faces' can usually raise a smile. Or if you want something more practical, plant some sprouting seeds and enjoy free greens every day.
  • Or you could plant a bucket of purple carrots or potatoes and enjoy the home-grown taste - no need to dash to the shops for fresh veg.
  • Join a book club or a writing circle. If you can't spare the time to go out to a club, many writing groups offer postal membership so you can try out your writing skills without having to find a baby-sitter for an evening.
  • Take a short walk every day - even if it's just round the garden our down to the park.
  • And if you have to do those boring chores, listen to a favourite piece of music. Not everyone will remember the BBC's Music While You Work but it's still a good idea.