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Low sodium salt with herbs

Our well-known Herbamare® made with potassium chloride for a low sodium diet

Low sodium diets may be required for people such as those suffering from high blood pressure, who have to avoid the use of table salt (sodium chloride).

Benefits and features of A.Vogel Herbamare® Diet :

  • Can be used by those on a low sodium diet
  • Free from artificial flavours and preservative
  • No MSG
  • Unique – low sodium salt containing 14 different herbs, vegetables and spices

Herbamare® Diet Low-Salt, made using potassium chloride (a salt substitute) is ideal for those on low sodium diets. Made in the same way as normal Herbamare®, it contains fifteen herbs, vegetables and spices.

Salt substitutes do not deliver the same taste sensation as normal salt and can take some getting used to. The herbs in Herbamare® Diet Low-Salt help to improve the flavour of the salt, enhancing your meal in a different way from normal low sodium salt substitutes.

Herbamare® Diet Low-Salt is manufactured in the same unique way as our popular Herbamare® Original in our factory in Colmar, France. For the full story, please see our page on Herbamare® Original.

Potassium chloride, leek*, paprika*, onions*, lovage*, parsley*, celery*, lemon*, spinach*, horseradish*, thyme*, rosemary*, kelp, basil*, marjoram*, garlic* and magnesium chloride.
*organically grown

Herbamare® Diet Low-Salt is available in a 125g pack size.

Other variants of Herbamare® available are:

Herbamare® Diet Low Salt