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Alfred Vogel with Echinacea
Alfred Vogel lecturing
Vogel with his hands in the earth
a young Alfred Vogel holding fresh fruit

Phytotherapist, Nutritional Adviser and Commentator

  • Alfred Vogel managed a herb and health store in Basel at the age of 21
  • Almost immediately he began to advise his customers on the power of Nature as well as on healthy nutrition and lifestyle through lectures and his own publications
  • He began to prepare remedies himself and to sell them to his customers
  • Even then Alfred Vogel was convinced that a life in harmony with Nature meant eating as naturally and as healthily as possible
  • In the 1930s he relocated from Basel to Teufen in Appenzell
  • Here he further developed his skills as a herb gatherer and improved the remedies he made for himself
  • In Teufen he made the crucial discovery that the mode of action of fresh plants was fundamentally better than that of dried ones
  • From then on Alfred Vogel manufactured his herbal remedies from freshly harvested plants whenever possible. In 1963, at an age when others think of retirement, he founded Bioforce AG in Switzerland
  • Today Bioforce AG is one of the most prominent manufacturers of herbal remedies in many European countries, Canada, USA and Australia

Researcher and World Traveller

Throughout his life Alfred Vogel was a passionate traveller. Being a phytotherapist and naturopath, he was full of curiosity. All plants and herbs of the Earth were of interest to him.  He took every opportunity to visit foreign countries and cultures:

  • From the 1950s, Alfred Vogel travelled in numerous countries on all continents
  • His special interest lay in primitive peoples with a close relationship with Nature
  • His experiences with the people of the prairie and the primeval forest showed him that the skilful management and support of Nature can often do more than the alleged skill of man
  • For example, when he was with the Native American Sioux in the USA he discovered the immune active plant Echinacea purpurea (purple coneflower), which became the symbol for the A.Vogel brand